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​Third Sri Lankan worker arrives in Romanian village despite local racist outburst
Brutarii srilankezi din Ditrau, Foto: Gina Stefan/AGERPRES
Brutarii srilankezi din Ditrau, Foto: Gina Stefan/AGERPRES

A third worker from Sri Lanka has arrived in the Romanian villgage of Ditrau, where in a racist outburst the local population recently protested against the presence of two other Sri Lankan workers.

The new worker is due to be employed at the same bread factory in Ditrau, Harghita county, Central Romania where his two fellow Sri Lankan workers have been working.

The presence of the foreign workers caused protests among the local, mostly Szekler (ethnic Hungarian) population. Protesters, led by a local priest, considered the „immigrants” a threat to their culture and future.

The case led to a major debate in Romania for the past several weeks, with authorities intervening over charges of discrimination, hate speech and racism. More on this – here