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UPDATE Romania govt. to take responsibility before Parliament for 2020 budget bill
Sedinta Guvern Orban , Foto: Guvernul Romaniei
Sedinta Guvern Orban , Foto: Guvernul Romaniei

The Liberal Government would take responsibility before the Parliament for the 2020 budget law, in a procedure expected to take place on December 23, according to Liberal sources. This comes as PM Ludovic Orban had said the government would pick this option in case the budget bill risked postponement.

  • UPDATE PM Orban announced officially on Monday afternoon that indeed his Government would take responsibility for the budget bill before the Parliament on December 23.

PM Orban said the budget bill had to be adopted before the end of the year.

He also said that the option of taking responsibility before the Parliament would be analysed as an option depending on the situation in the Parliament. He said such a move would allow MPs to submit amendments, which would then be filtered by the Government.