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​President Iohannis supports talks on lifting tax exemption for IT workers
Iohannis, Foto:
Iohannis, Foto:

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said the idea of an equal fiscal treatment is „essentially true” but that the IT sector, where income taxes are subject to exemption, has grown from „something insignificant to 6% of the GDP”.

Romania’s Liberal PM Ludovic Orban had previously said in an interview with that he supported lifting the income tax exemption currently applied to certain categories of workers in the IT sector. He said that an equal fiscal treatment to all citizens and companies was an objective of his government.

Asked by reporters how he commented on Orban’s statement in support of lifting the 10% tax exemption for IT workers, President Iohannis said: „Essentially it is true, any income in Romania is subject to tax. But we should see the other side, that these exemptions applied in the IT sector made the sector rise from something insignificant to 6% of the GDP in just ten years.”

In these circumstances, he said, „we should consider if we want to apply the taxation now or progressively (…) This is a discussion which will happen,” Iohannis said.